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Periods Are Metal AF (And Not Just Because Of Their Flow)

*Makes it rain tampons all over the haters*

The weirdest thing about periods is that people think they're weird. The truth is, having your monthly visit from Aunt Flow is totally natural, and yet, it's constantly blamed for "making us crazy" or described like some crimson catastrophe that will engulf all those who step within a 15-mile radius of us, "The Day After Tomorrow"-style.

I'm here to tell you that periods are nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, we should start embracing their badass glory. Here's why:

  • You Bleed For Days -- And It's Totally Chill

    You know that stupid joke that's like, "I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die?" I know it seems annoying and played (which it is.) But, if you think about it in a certain way, doesn't that make you sound like a superhero? You're a survivor, à la Destiny's child, and that is something to be proud of.

  • Crippling Headaches? NBD

    It's true that periods can bring on menstrual migraines and make your head feel all kinds of not-so-great. But do you have time for that? NOPE.

    You just pop a few Advil and get back to doing important adult stuff like making decisions, paying your student loans and getting money (because you just paid your student loans and therefore have no money). YOU PAUSE FOR NO PAIN.

  • You're Shedding -- Literally

    In case you didn't know, period "blood" isn't the same as the kind you'd find if you scraped your knee or something. The red stuff is actually the lining of your uterus, which your body sheds when it realizes that you're not pregnant. You know what also sheds? Reptiles -- some of the most metal animals on the planet.

  • You Walk Around Wearing A Tampon -- IT'S FINE

    Wanna wear white pants? Swim in the ocean? Oh, no big deal -- just put this cotton rocket in your bleeding orifice and you'll be fine. LET'S SEE YOU DO THAT.

  • Menstrual Blood Contains Iron

    When you have your period, you're losing iron, AKA "Fe" on The Periodic Table of Elements. It's specifically found in group 8, which is made up of -- you guessed it -- metals.

    Therefore, periods are, quite literally, metal -- even science agrees.

Still think periods are gross?