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No Nina Dobrev? No Problem: Here’s What May Happen In ‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 7

Do we even need to do a spoiler warning, guys? Yes? OK. *Spoiler Warning*

Last night's (May 14) Season 6 finale of "The Vampire Diaries" presented Delena's last dance -- at least, for a while because you know how this show is sometimes.

Lo, Nina Dobrev did exit stage left, full of promises and gushy goodbyes for the rest (and not enough handkerchiefs to go around for us and all of the boohooing that went down here), but the rest of the gang has been left mostlyintact for another year of vampiring.

So, what's to come for the rest of our Mystic Fallsians? And how does the prospect look for a Nina Dobrev-less "TVD"?

Kai's gone. We think.

The CW

Kai Gets His Head Torn Off GIF

For starters, Damon (Ian Somerhalder), um, took care of that little Kai problem we were all worried about. Probably. Here we thought we'd get to witness another wolf bite-inspired meltdown fit with all the hallucination trimmings, but nope. Kai outsmarted that method of destruction and magically siphoned all the poison out only to cross Bonnie and get his head removed, mid-sentence, as a result. 'Cause you don't mess with Bonnie Bennett and live to talk about it.

Stefan is, like, really serious about Caroline.

Stefan and caorline

The seeds have been planted for another Stefan (Paul Wesley)-themed epic romance on "TVD." Actually, this kissing tree's already grown a little bit, but in the Season 6 finale, Stefan really laid it on thick and made his long-term aspirations perfectly clear to the lovely Caroline (Candice Accola). Over Elena's sorta-lifeless body, no less, he declared himself to her.

"I don't think Elena necessarily came into my life to be my soulmate. I mean, she was. We loved eachother. But she was also the only person I ever met who actually believed that my brother was worth loving. and she reminded me that I still believe that about him too. And her faith in him, it brought me and Damon back together. And yeah I loved her. More than I ever thought I could love somebody else. But I think in the end, I needed him more than I needed her."

A little bit of revisionist history, but sure. Meanwhile, Caroline's still playing hard to get, but how long can the freeze out actually last? We have a feeling this is going to be epicsauce. #Steroline

Things are also gonna be fun with Damon and Bonnie.

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Damon saves Bonnie GIF

Once upon a time, Damon and Bonnie (Kat Graham) pretty much couldn't stand the sight of one another, but now they've got a dynamic friendship with endless possibilities, thanks to his come-what-may 'tude and her super magic skillz. Together? A force. And also full of delightful banter.

But before you go worrying that we're shipping this duo as anything more than a super pair of asskickers, we're not. Elena actually lays in wait for the day that her friend dies -- because tragic -- so someone's gotta keep the guy in line for the next 60 give-or-take years of his undead life.

Tyler's going to be doing Tyler from now on, people.

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Daddy Issues

Poor Liv. We had to watch him literally suffocate this girl so that he could save himself. Which he totally did, after like eleven seconds of noes. Weird. But now that means Tyler's re-invoked his moon curse, and he's been set to roam free, suddenly girlfriend-less and encouraged by his old pal Elena to head somewhere else -- probably for a plethora of reasons, not the least of which is his own sanity? So, Tyler's going to be going ... somewhere. And he's a wolf again. That's about all we got.

Lillian's got her "family" back.

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Lillian Salvatore

Thanks to Enzo -- hey, who's side is he on, anyway? -- Lillian's, er, "family" of dessicated-but-still-lethal prison world companions has now been located and readied to take up residence in the town that really should be completely humanless by now. And once again, Lillian Salvatore has made her allegiance very clear to her oh-so-sweet Stefan, who just wants her to wake up from her evilness and be his mommy again so stinkin' bad it hurts to watch. She's going to be trouble, ya'll. Joan Crawford's got nothing on this one.

Matt's maybe gonna take a badge.


Matt Donovan GIF

What with Caroline's mother being gone, this town really needs a new sheriff in town. And who better to step up for the gig than good old Matt Donovan? In his hazy Elena finale encounter, she encouraged him to continue being the protector sort -- and, considering he is one of the few remaining humans who actually has a clue why all the graveyards have been so overrun these last few years, he'd be a good vampire-wolf-human liaison.

Alaric and Jeremy Reunited?

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Alaric and Jeremy

Alaric is now tragically bereft of his family unit -- R.I.P. Jo and Twinsies -- but now we've seen the likes of Jeremy Gilbert again. Annnd Alaric's probably got himself a little agenda against some of the netherworlders, which is totes Jer's bag. So, could these two be suiting up for a vampire-slaying reunion soon? We're thinking yes and yes.

Damon's on watch.

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Damon and Elena clocktower The Vampire Diaries

The town square clocktower does offer a nice little vantage spot for keeping an eye on the place. And since Elena is still technically in danger -- Bonnie's spelling her coffin shut to keep her safe, but we've seen magic fail before (because loopholes). And if anyone gets wind of the little helpless human girl with the Cure running through her veins, it's gonna be hard to keep 'em from draining her blood for their own use a la Klaus circa Season 3.

Or maybe we just totallly read that wrong and Damon's actually up there scouting for a meal, since Elena's gone and he's now free to go open season on all the juicy humans in town?

What did you learn about Season 7 from the finale? And will you still watch without Nina?