Is Heidi Klum About To Outdo Herself With This Year's Halloween Costume?

New Instagram pics show the "Project Runway" host getting turned into...something.

Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween costume is always a sight to behold, and it looks like she’s about to outdo herself yet again with this year’s getup.

Now that it’s October, the “Project Runway” host has kicked off the spooky season with a sneak preview of her next costume via a pair of photos and two videos she uploaded to Instagram.

"It's almost time for my favorite holiday!” Klum wrote. "Costume prep time with the team at @prorenfx Can't wait for Halloween! ?"

Prosthetic Renaissance Inc., the effects studio helping Klum out with her new look, has also worked on big-name movies like "Black Swan" and "I Am Legend." Whatever the Halloween queen is about to be, her costume will definitely look professional.

The videos show Klum getting slimed with blue goo by a whole special effects crew. Is she going to be a member of the Blue Man Group? An "Avatar" alien? Time to start counting down to the big reveal.