Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Heidi Klum's Amazing Halloween Metamorphosis Will Make Your Jaw Drop

All hail Heidi, Queen of Halloween.

It's official: Halloween needs to be rebranded as a day to worship the pure genius of Heidi Klum. Every year, the "Project Runway" host and legendary supermodel extraordinaire makes the holiday her b---h by going balls-out on an insanely intricate costume that -- sorry -- definitely puts yours to shame.

At her 15th annual Halloween bash in New York City on Friday, Heidi stunned everyone when she arrived as a gorgeous, glamorous butterfly, complete with elaborate makeup, compound eyes, and huge-spanning wings. But let's back up a bit...

Earlier in the day, Heidi offered a couple tease shots of her looks, including this view from the back...

...and this close-up of her elaborate face paint/mask/contraption (seriously, girl, how do you breathe underneath all that?!).

But the real kicker was when Heidi unveiled this awesome video that shows every stage of her metamorphosis from human to insect to beautiful butterfly.

It all added up to this breath-taking final look:

And THAT is how you do Halloween, Heidi Klum style.

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