Did Justin Bieber Share A Naked Selfie With The World?

You're naked, aren't you?

Hey, Justin Bieber? I randomly happened to find myself at your Shots account. (Sure, you got me there, but don't think it's going to become a thing, OK? Also, I feel mildly deceived that Shots doesn't involve Lil Jon or LMFAO in any way at all.) Anyway, what do I find? A completely nekked-looking shirtless selfie. And perhaps more.

Justin, I know you take Shots often (pun semi-intended), so I appreciate you working your angles here. You could've gone with the standard mirror pic or the headshot. But no, you placed your phone right near your crotch for a special POV that some only dream of.

Which brings me to the lede, which I've intentionally buried: ARE YOU NAKED, JUSTIN BIEBER?

If you are, it's fine, although haters may want you to put on pants. However, you don't need pants to take a selfie. In fact, the only thing I'd change about this selfie is the lighting.

So keep stripping down, JB, and selfie away, pants or not.

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