Justin Bieber's Latest Shirtless Selfie: Notice Something Off?

There's something wrong with the singer's new pic.

Don't get me wrong: I'm a huge fan of shirtless Justin Bieber.

Justin shirtless on the street, Justin shirtless in an airport, Justin shirtless with Rick Ross, Justin shirtless on Instagram: I beliebe in it all.

But Biebs' most recent shirt-shedding caught me a little off-guard, and I couldn't quite place where my bafflement was coming from.

Perhaps it was the quasi-inspiring caption? "Love your neighbor as yourself. And btw your neighbor isn't just the one next door ;) #wordsofencouragement ♛" Is he saying that to his body? I mean, do what you gotta do, Justin. Maybe he was just acting out the idiom "getting something off your chest."

Maybe it was his ultra-veiny hand? Or the way the shadows play against him?

No. Justin's latest selfie reveals some serious pectoral action going on — too much, in fact, maybe it looks like he's about to breastfeed. (I said it so you don't have to, Beliebers.) His chest muscles are so mountainous they peek out from his shirt and his thick gold chain falls down to the side.

The real problem with this shirtless seduction is that, well, Bieber is only HALF shirtless. And that doesn't seem to be Bizzle's style.

All I can say is: a Pharrell hat-tip to you, friend, for making stylish strides. We'll be seeing the half-shirt on runways in Milan soon. After all, you did say, "I am fashion."