Noah Cyrus Revamps 'July' With A New Verse From Leon Bridges

The duet you didn't know you needed

After celebrating Halloween with the release of "fuckyounoah" and its twisted, bloody video, Noah Cyrus is turning her attention back to "July."

The tender alt-country single arrived over the summer, alongside a video in which the 19-year-old wanders away from a toxic relationship and contemplates a fresh slate. Now, she's updated "July" by turning it into a soulful duet featuring Leon Bridges. While Cyrus's portion of the song remains untouched, Bridges tweaks the second verse by telling her, "So tell me to leave, I'll pack my bags, get on the road / Find someone who gives you all of the things I could not, no."

Ultimately, his addition to the song throws a new perspective into the mix and makes Cyrus's feelings about leaving seem all the more valid. Listen to the revamped "July" below.

Cyrus's new version of "July" follows both "fuckyounoah" and the choir-assisted "Lonely." Speaking about the new duet in a press release, she said, "It's such an honor to have Leon Bridges' heart and voice on 'July.'"

She continued, "I've been a fan of his for years, and to have an artist as credible as him, who is so artistically talented, who clearly loves music and puts his heart and soul into everything he does, is true a gift. I hope you all enjoy listening to this version, as much as we enjoyed making it."