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'Orphan Black' Creators Totally Spoil 'Next' Season's Finale

What's better than a four clone dance party?

Oh, Clone Club, how your "Orphan Black" creators love thee: in fact the duo behind the sestrahood we've come to know and obsess over — Graeme Manson and John Fawcett — are already thinking of ways to top their impressive season two finale in season three.

And, of course, it involves multiple clones ala the clone dance party to end all clone dance parties AND an "Eraserhead" reference. Because what else would do?

In this exclusive clip — don't say we never did anything nice for ya! — from the season two Blu-Ray/DVD (out right now: as in you can buy it!), Manson and Fawcett give us a sneak peak into the dance party madness and postulate on how they might out-do their impressive deed in season three, which is happening (yay!).

So now all we're left to do is wait. And maybe re-watch seasons one and two a billion times. And go to their panel at Comic-Con and contemplate all the iterations of Project Castor we're oh-so-hopeful to see next year.

Aww, something tells us Helena would love and care for that "Eraserhead" turkey-alien-baby as if it were her own. Don't you think?

"Orphan Black" Seasons One and Two are available to own now from BBC Home Entertainment.