Dinah Jane Unleashes Her 'Badass' Alter Ego, Ms. Jane, On 'Missed A Spot'

'Because of her, I'm dropping these really sexy records,' she tells MTV News

The world's Summer 2020 plans may be on pause, but that isn't stopping Dinah Jane from bringing the warm weather vibes directly to our headphones. On Friday (April 3), the singer released her third new record in as many weeks, and it's the one fans have been waiting for: the long-teased "Missed A Spot."

"I couldn't wait to release this one," Dinah giddily told MTV News this week. "It's been about two years since I've had this record, but I feel like right now is the perfect time for me to release it because it goes with my mood."

That mood? "Catchy, vibrant, sexy," she says, with the emphasis on "sexy." "Missed A Spot" notably samples "Down Under," the 1981 hit by Australian rock band Men At Work. With her flip on the song, Dinah — along with producer J.R. Rotem, who worked on her previous tracks "Heard It All Before" and "Retrograde" — twists it into a playful and lustful invitation. "I know you love it when you go down under / Rain flowin' yeah, we makin' thunder," Dinah sings on the buoyant hook. "So much body for your lips to discover / I'ma lay here 'til the end of summer." That leads into a sensual post-chorus: "Mmmm, go back, go back / I think you missed a spot."

"I got so excited because I already have a lot of love for Australia, so the moment I heard the 'down under' part, I was like, 'Yes, that's the song!'" Dinah recalled of hearing the demo for the first time. Together with co-writers MoZella and Lisa Scinta, she packed her verses with flirty come-ons and a couple sneaky easter eggs for fans. In the second verse, for example, she references her recently released single "Lottery" by cooing, "Baby, you just hit the lottery." That's followed by, "Miss Jane on your lips, baby," a sly shoutout to her alter-ego.

"Because of her, I'm dropping these really sexy records," Dinah said, before describing what makes "Miss Jane" such a badass. "I would say she is a confident woman, has no fears, loves to take risks, loves a good challenge, and loves to elevate. It's just her owning up to being a badass woman.

"I feel like when I started making my own music, that's when she came into play," Dinah continued. "There was just this confidence that overcame me every time I stepped into the studio. That's when she comes out, is when I'm creating these songs."

Miss Jane, it must be noted, also comes out to play on "Lottery" and "1501," the bedroom-friendly bops Dinah released last month. With that double dose of new music, the 22-year-old had joked that she made "two baby-makin' records back to back," and "Missed A Spot" makes it three-for-three.

Impressively, Dinah already has a complete vision of what she wants the "Missed A Spot" music video to look like. It's an idea that came to her in the studio two years ago, and it ultimately helped inspire some of the tropical-inspired sonic elements in the song, like the flute intro and the rain and thunder sounds.

"I started seeing the whole music video. The reason we added those elements into the record is because of what I was seeing in my vision," Dinah explained. "And being that I have my Polynesian background, I wanted it to be tropical, I wanted you to feel like you were somewhere else. You weren't home. You were on vacation. That was the whole setting that I saw. And you're surrounded by Polynesian women performing for you."

Unfortunately, filming for the video has been put on hold due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as has Dinah's headlining 2020 tour — she was set to spend April and May touring North America and Europe, but announced last month that all of her current dates have been postponed. But even in the face of uncertainty, she's keeping her energy up, working from home ("oh, oh!"), and keeping her sights locked on what's next for her burgeoning solo career.

"I want to drop an album soon. That's where my head's at," Dinah said. "I feel like that's something that everyone can be alert for. ... These little records I'm dropping right now, it's just a taste of what Miss Jane has in her back pocket."