'Young And Pregnant' Clash: Kayla And Stephan's Mom Are Separated By MTV Security

The meetup was the opposite of amicable

Kayla admitted she had a "bad feeling" about meeting up with Stephan's mother Annette at the end of last week's Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant episode. And the mother of two's prediction about the sitdown sadly proved to be absolutely spot on.

"You know what? You bought [Izaiah] some clothes, so here's the f*cking money," Kayla tells Annette, as she throws some bills at the MTV grandmother, in the sneak peak at Tuesday's installment. "Take it. Hit me then," she adds, as Annette lunges toward her.

But security has to intervene to separate the women.

"I'm not going to hit a grown-ass woman and get in trouble -- f*ck that," Kayla says.

How does Annette respond, and what does she do with the cash? And how does Stephan react to the fight? Watch the clip to find out, and do not miss the heated interaction during Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant at 9/8c (right after a brand-new episode of Teen Mom OG).

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