Heidi Montag Wants 'Upgrade' Before Next 'Playboy' Pictorial

'Hills' star also said she hasn't seen Aubrey O'Day's pictorial and doesn't think you can compare the two.

[artist id="3187707"]Heidi Montag[/artist] might be the cover girl for the September issue of Playboy, but that doesn't mean the "Hills" star isn't already plotting what she'll do for her [article id="1619050"]next chance to be a Playmate[/article].

"Oh I definitely will do Playboy again. I love Playboy. I love the family," she told MTV News. "My cover sold out in all the stands in L.A. It's on backorder right now. I just think I want to get an upgrade first."

Once all those "upgrades" are complete, she admits that she is still working out all the other logistics of the shoot. "I don't know [what I'll do next]. I'll have to take it as it comes."

And what's coming Heidi's way these days are generous compliments from other Playmates for her work in the issue, which was shot by fashion/celebrity photographer Matthew Rolston. "All the Playmates in Hollywood have been coming up to me saying, 'I love yours. It's the best cover we've seen in so long. It's so iconic. It's so beautiful. You're the sexiest woman alive.' So I love all these Playmates -- they're really encouraging me."

It also doesn't hurt that the man in charge himself, Hugh Hefner, has told Heidi that she looks wonderful in the magazine. "And Hef said he loved it too, so that's all that matters," she said. "He said it's one of his favorites in years."

As for the naysayers, like [article id="1619256"]fellow Playmate Aubrey O'Day[/article], well, Heidi doesn't even think you can compare their photos to each other, despite O'Day's comments to the contrary.

"I just don't think you can compare when Matthew Rolston shoots you for Playboy. I didn't see her photos. I didn't know she was in Playboy," Heidi said. "Well, tell her thank you for looking at my Playboy. Thank you for complimenting it. And I guess I'll have to go look at hers."

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