Check Out The Bottle For One Direction's New Fragrance

It's happening: One Direction’s new fragrance is on its way. Liam helped make the You & I announcement last month and, at the time, we wondered what the bottle would look like. A gray sweater like the one they all share in the "You & I" music video? A composite of all their faces? A bust of Harry Styles?

Well, thanks to Niall (best band member, amiright?), we all know now. The band shared an image of Mr. Horan gripping the new bottle (read: staring at it longingly), and it appears to follow the same light-pink color scheme as Our Moment, their first fragrance. While Our Moment was a short and round bottle, You & I appears to be taller and sharper. Unlike the other bottle, which featured pink tulle, this one is all about glass—or at least, IDK, plexiglass. It looks like a pentagon with a smaller pentagon for a top, which is not a very popular perfume bottle shape, as far as I know.

Way to break fragrance boundaries, guys! Keep producing new and interesting packaging and I'll keep buying your perfumes until my entire home is filled with bottles.

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