Instagram via Niall Horan

Nah, Here Are 9 Reasons Why Niall Is The Best Member Of One Direction

We have a winner, y'all.

Um, so recently there has been some discussion of who the best member of One Direction is and it’s, honestly, not a competition. So far we’ve heard arguments in favor of Liam (LOL), Harry (yeah right!), and Zayn (nope), but now we arrive at the true winner of the band, a blond Irish dude who goes by the name of Niall Horan.

It’s not like proof is really even needed—he’s the only blond and only Irish member in the band, hello—but in case you need some further convincing, here are nine reasons why Niall is the best.

He Wins At Selfies

We all know Niall is the king of selfies (where are your selfie posts, Harry, Zayn and Liam?), but he not only takes them with celebs, but while he’s doing mundane things like filling his car with gas. Niall: He really is just like us! Plus, hi, he’s pumping gas even though he’s in the most popular boy band in the world.

He Plays An Instrument

Unlike the four other members in One Direction, Niall is pulling his weight both vocally and instrumentally. He’s the only member who plays an instrument, so maybe he can offer lessons to the other guys? It’s not like they’re dancing up there, TBH.

Look At Him Jump!

He is an excellent jumper, as demonstrated by this GIF. He just had knee surgery but is RIGHT back in it.

Did We Mention He's Irish?

He is so proud of being Irish (and a princess, JK). As only Irishman in the band, he’s gotta rep for Ireland and he does. Hard.

He's Happy

He’s happy at all times, even in the bath. This scene is from a One Direction video. Your move, Styles.

He's Got Moves

He can dance on a Segway.

Kids Love Him

He can hang with babies.

He's A PDA Policeman

He’s an expert at preventing inappropriate PDA, which we appreciate because #NO.

He Loves Us

He’s just SO HAPPY to be in One Direction. He thanks the fans, like, daily and rarely tweets without an exclamation point. If you’re ever feeling down, take a scroll down his Twitter feed. You’ll be happy and feel like shouting in no time.

OK, thanks. Case closed. NEXT.