Don’t Watch Fergie’s New Video If You’re Afraid Of Spiders Or Snakes

She's back and she's ‘hungry’

After several stops, starts, hints, and teases, Fergie’s comeback is officially under way.

The singer signaled as much when she released a fierce video teaser for a new track last month, and now the full music vid is here in all its spidery, black-and-white splendor. Appropriately titled “Hungry (1st Byte),” it’s presumably the intro track for Fergie’s long-awaited sophomore album, the follow-up to 2006’s The Dutchess.

In the video, we see snakes, spiders, fire, lightning, and broken glass, as Ferg sings/brags, “They know that I’m a problem, that’s why everybody scared.” It’s a short track, sure... but it’s also an exciting, promising sign of more to come. Welcome back, Dutchess.

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