French Montana Drops 'Figure It Out' Video With Kanye (Wearing Cool Pants) And Nas

From the <i>Wave Gods</i> mixtape

We all remember Kanye West's Twitter tirade against Wiz Khalifa earlier this year, where just about the only cordial thing he said was that Wiz wears "cool pants." Many would assert that Kanye often wears cool pants, too, and I am no fashion expert, but I would contend that he's doing just that in the new French Montana video "Figure It Out," also featuring Nas, off of French's Wave Gods mixtape.

Take a look:

Bad Boy/Epic

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.29.47 AM

The pants, and video, also gave us 'Ye making this face and hand motion:

The video is filled with product placement -- there's not-so-graceful nods to Beats by Dre, Ciroc, KandyPens, and Hype Energy -- but, hey, someone's gotta pay not only for those pants, but to get all those airplanes out into the middle of the desert, right?

French also announced via a press release that he had signed to Bad Boy Entertainment/Epic Records, though it's unclear exactly what that means and what it changes, since he's been signed to Bad Boy for a few years now, and that label partnered with Epic back in October. A rep for Combs Enterprises essentially confirmed this to MTV News, saying via email, "French is now a part of the NEW Bad Boy/ Epic label partnership that was announced this past October."

In the words of the video, I can't figure it out, but congrats to French.