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Kanye West Attacks Wiz Khalifa In Twitter Rant -- Disses His Music, Style And Family

This got ugly and strange.

When Kanye West announced late Tuesday night that he was changing the name of his album from SWISH to Waves, some rap fans were quick to point out that Max B popularized the term "the wave" a few years back. Among those that took exception with the title switch was Wiz Khalifa.

'Ye seemed to catch wind of the responses, and tweeted out a shoutout to the incarcerated rapper.

But Wiz wasn't convinced.

It looked like that was the end of any back-and-forth between these two -- until Kanye hopped back on Twitter Wednesday afternoon (Jan. 27), hitting Wiz with plenty of vitriol, even invoking Wiz's son with estranged wife Amber Rose (Kanye and Amber, of course, dated before she and Wiz got together). He's since deleted the majority of the tweets.

Wiz then shot back.

But Kanye was far from done.

Then, after a 25-minute break, Kanye curiously started preaching love.

This was kind of entertaining at first, but when 'Ye invoked Wiz's family, saying things like, "I own your child," going back to his Amber Rose slut-shaming well, it got ugly. We'll have to wait and see if Wiz has any response.