Ellie Goulding Is Very Aware That Niall Horan Still Has A Thing For Her

Because Ellen DeGeneres has no chill

On Wednesday (October 26), Niall Horan made his U.S. TV debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he was mercilessly quizzed on his taste in women.

After playing a round of "Who'd You Rather?" with his twin/aunt Ellen DeGeneres, Niall ended up settling on U.K. singer Ellie Goulding for his next girlfriend. And because Ellen has no chill, she tweeted the results of the quiz directly to Ellie herself.

As you may remember, Ellie and Niall actually dated once already in 2013, though Ellie says she wouldn't count it as a relationship. But her response to Ellen's tweet may hint that she's ready to take that plunge.

Or not. The eyes emoji is really the equivalent of the "Read 2:25 p.m." iMessage receipt. It could mean anything — or nothing at all.

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