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Niall Horan Played ‘This Town’ For His Twin, Ellen DeGeneres

Can you tell them apart?

Niall Horan made his solo U.S. television debut on Wednesday (October 26) with an emotional performance of his new single, “This Town.”

Of course, the One Direction singer wasn’t about to broadcast his beautiful Irish accent on just any TV show. He awarded the honor to his one true doppelgänger, Ellen DeGeneres.

In an interview with Ellen, Niall said he gets compared to her “every day of [his] life,” which naturally he takes as a compliment. Ellen, in turn, showed a slideshow of all the times they’d worn the same outfit.

Niall also played a lightning round of “Who’d You Rather” in which he expressed a preference for much older women — and ultimately decided he’d like to date Ellie Goulding, who honestly also kind of looks like him but who are we to judge.