23 Celebrity Mustaches Ranked From Best To Worst (Sorry, Justin Bieber)

The scruffy, the sexy and the silly.

Dudes, it's time to put down those razors and let your 'staches grow, because Movember is here.

Yes, November's all about going in baby faced and coming out like a hairy grizzly bear and doing it for an awesome cause. Ever since 2003, men have been challenged each November to grow their facial hair to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. This year, the U.S. Movember campaign will also include men's mental health and fitness.

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Now I hate to break it to all you guys out there, but some of you will look better in a mustache than others, which is why we are here to help.

We've ranked our 23 favorite celebrity mustaches from best to worst to give you some ideas of what to do and not to do when rocking a mustache.

1. Tom "The King Of The Mustache" Selleck

Bow down.

2. Orlando Bloom

Scruffy yet sexy.

3. Brad Pitt

He could put a bag over his head and still be perfect.

4. James Franco

Keepin' it separated.

5. Daniel Day Lewis

Classic handlebar lewk.

6. Will Smith

Ahh! The subtle 'stache.

7. Johhnny Depp

Yarr, matey! The pirate 'stache.

8. Zac Efron

The "I just rolled out of bed for the first time in days and still look perfect" 'stache.

9. Pharrell

There was a time when his mustache made him so "happy."

10. Ryan Gosling

Not my favorite Ryan Gosling look, but I'll take it!

11. Will Ferrell

If you rock the Ron Burgandy look you will NOT "immediately regret this decision.” Just ask...

12. Joe Jonas

Joe's is part "Anchorman," part Ron Swanson.

13. Channing Tatum

They say to always try things once, but Channing, I'm sorry, once is enough with this look.

14. Paul Rudd

The mustache isn't terrible, but it's kind of a waste of Paul Rudd's signature adorableness.

15. Sacha Baron Cohen

Unless your name is Borat, don't do this. Ever.

16. Kevin Richardson BSB

OMG. So much going on here.

17. Hulk Hogan

It's a signature look, but maybe leave it to the Hulk.

17. Jared Leto

Jared looks great in anything, but the blonde hair with the brown mustache isn't working. In his defense, however, I will say it was for a movie.

18. 5SOS

5SOS's 'staches would be so much higher on this list if they were real!

20. Brody Jenner

I don't even know what this is.

21. Adam Levine

I can't tell if this is fake.

22. Michael Cera

Eeeee, no. I'm thoroughly creeped out.

23. Justin Bieber

He tried so long to make it happen but finally, "he shaved the monster."

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