Breaking: Justin Bieber Shaves His Mustache And Hopefully Says Goodbye To It Forever

May this be the last time we see the mustache.

It may be the best three words Justin Bieber has every spoken (or the worst, if you're that kind of girl).

No, I'm not talking about "Baby baby baby," I'm talking about what I woke up to on Justin's Shots account this morning: "Shave the monster."

Let me blow that up for you:

"Shaved the monster."

That's right. JBiebs got rid of his mustache and it's the end of an era -- an era that we won't really miss.

This isn't the first time Justin has gotten rid of that fuzzy caterpillar. Back in August, he made top headlines when he filmed the lip hair massacre, delighting fans and tricking them into thinking it was mustache no more.

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Is this the last time, Bieber? How long will you make us do this? Is it the mustache that has Selena coming back?

Confused. Shocked. Relieved. Moving on.