Daniel Radcliffe Is Surprisingly Terrible At Geek Trivia: Watch

Who wins, Professor X or Harry Potter? Answer: Us.

When James McAvoy's not playing the most famous mutant of all time in the "X-Men" series or creating life from death in "Victor Frankenstein," the actor seems to enjoy schooling other pop-culture nerds in pub trivia -- and it turns out, he's actually kind of a d-ck about it. That's why Josh Horowitz has an ace up his sleeve to help him beat McAvoy at his own geeky game: his own co-star Daniel Radcliffe.

Given that Radcliffe played the wizard champion Harry Potter for most of his acting career, he should definitely know a thing or two about the stuff that nerds love. Like "Real Housewives" and "The Bachelor," for example! Those are nerdy, right? Oh well, at least there's one game Daniel Radcliffe's definitely good at playing, as he demonstrates in this latest "After Hours" episode. Although, I'm not so sure that anyone else really wants to play along...

"Victor Frankenstein" is now in theaters.