Lil Baby's 'Fallon' Performance Was Fast And Furious In Every Way

He performed 'Woah' while a tricked-out car did donuts on screen behind him

On Monday night (January 6), Lil Baby brought his latest single "Woah" to the stage of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as musical guest — complete with backup dancers and spinning cars. The rapping was top notch, and the dance routines were crisp. If you watched along at home, it was impossible not to participate – and to be reminded of a certain car franchise about racing and high-stakes heists.

Lil Baby and his band of backup dancers stood on stage like Fast & Furious extras with varying degrees of serious faces. The rapper kicked things off spitting the energetic number while four dancers sat on tires around him. They set the initial tone for the fierce performance, set to a gigantic video of modified cars doing donuts behind them. As it went on, more dancers joined the stage until an assembly-line group of performers filled the locale. The high energy spectacle was enough to get you out of your seat and dance to what was on screen.

Lil Baby dropped "Woah" last November. The song is set to appear on his forthcoming second studio album, My Turn. In September, he released the video for "Out of the Mud" with Future. Check out the both fast and furious performance above.