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Lil Baby And Future Roll Around In The Dirt In 'Out The Mud'

They have some fun with the community in Atlanta

Lil Baby and Future have released a dirty new video for "Out the Mud" that isn't afraid to roll around on the ground. It's a community affair that follows the pair having fun in Atlanta, turning a video shoot into a journey around town. There are tons of nice cars in it, too. But the best part about it is the contagious smile on the faces of everyone just happy to be involved.

The phrase "out the mud" means to come from the bottom of something and rise to the top. So it makes sense that there are mounds of mud in the video for the song of the same name. Lil Baby even crumbles the dirt in his hands to show that he's now on top of the mud. The simplistic video heads around town and shows off the places and faces of Atlanta near Simpson Plaza; kids smile and jump around like loose cannons, older people settle down and watch what's going on around them, also enjoying being on camera.

Future comes in with his shirt off for some reason, delivering his energetic verse with similar high-octane force. The video's depiction of Atlanta is beautiful and realistic, not some highly glamorized dream of the city's nightlife. There's a lot beneath the surface to consume, too.

Last month, Lil Baby collaborated with DaBaby on "Baby" from Quality Control: Control The Streets Volume 2 that dropped on August 16.

Watch the video for "Out the Mud" below.