Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter Says Door's Always Open For Kevin

Carter, who stars in E! reality show this fall, says each member might do solo track on next BSB album.

The Backstreet Boys may be one man down, but Nick Carter's life is far from "Incomplete."

With studio dates and a new reality TV show in the works, the BSB heartthrob remains optimistic about the future and doesn't dwell on the recent departure of bandmate Kevin Richardson (see [article id="1535035"]"Kevin Richardson Quits Backstreet Boys"[/article]).

"All we can do is be supportive in any decisions that any of us make," Carter said of Richardson's announcement that he's leaving the group. "Like I said before, we still want to be able to do records and there are fans out there that want to hear our music, and we're going to push on. But the door was always open for him. It's still open. If he wants to come back to perform again, he can. We respect his decision."

The band may be entering into a new phase -- and that's a good thing, Carter said. Along with a new vibe, the next BSB album might also feature a solo track by each of the four members, he added.

"Yeah, times have changed, and we're trying to adapt and trying to get a grip on things," Carter said. "We love what we do, we love the music we've done, and obviously we're still going with it and still moving on. We're having fun, and the minute we stop having fun, we're going to stop."

But for Carter, when one door closes, another one opens. While coping with the loss of a BSB family member, Carter is reuniting with his real-life sisters and brother for an upcoming reality TV show -- a move he was initially pretty hesitant about.

"It's funny, 'cause whenever you think of a reality television show, the first thing you think is, 'No! Oh my God, not another one!' Right?" Carter said. "I didn't want to do one if it didn't have something that people could connect to and something that maybe can do a little bit better than all the other reality shows do. So this one has a little bit of heart, a little bit of drama, a little bit of craziness. It's got everything kind of mixed together."

Debuting on E! in October, "House of Carters" documents the lives of Nick; his younger brother, Aaron; and their three sisters as the siblings cohabitate in Los Angeles. Following their parents' messy divorce, the Carter kids have reconvened and are trying to reconnect by moving beyond the financial battles and pressures of child stardom that have plagued their family in the past.

"We're just pretty much trying to put band-aids over it and fix the wounds we've gone through -- together, as a family in the house, which is going to be a lot of fun," Carter said.

In addition to mending the Carter family unit, the siblings are striving to really find themselves, Carter said. Eighteen-year-old Aaron continues to work on his music career and said he will release a self-produced album at the end of the year. Meanwhile, Aaron's twin sister, Angel, is an aspiring model; 20-year-old Leslie is a singer; and 24-year-old Bobbie Jean is considering becoming a cook.

From fistfights to warm and fuzzy moments, the show will portray the real Carter family dynamic -- the good and the bad. Emphasizing that the series is completely unscripted, the Carters agreed to do the project because they felt the audience could relate to some of their experiences despite the celebrity backdrop.

"I would come back home from being on tours [when I was younger] -- that would be what I would look forward to, coming back home and seeing my family," Nick said. "But realistically, we were going through a lot of stuff in our household -- a lot of stuff that probably a lot of people go through family-wise in America and all around the world."

"That's why we're together now -- so we can help fill in the gaps -- and we love each other so much," Aaron added. "You're going to see the fights and then you're going to see the instant family love, and that's what's great. That's what it's about, man."

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