MaKers LDN Designer Melody Maker Dishes On Charli XCX, M.I.A., And Music Video Outfits [Interview]

Charli XCX wears MaKers LDN/ Designer Melody Maker.

Photo: via MaKers LDN Facebook/Emile Kelly

Unless you've been living under a rock the past year (or, on the flipside, sans wi-fi connection), chances are you're already familiar with the work of Melody MaKer whether you realize it or not. The London designer's streetwear label MaKers LDN is a mishmash of abstract graphics, kaleidoscopic color wheels, and crop tops practically BEGGING to be incorporated into every cool kid's wardrobe— celebrities included. Longtime fan M.I.A. loves the brand so much, she regularly rocks these rad custom pieces onstage and off. The latest MaKers London girl? Charli XCX, who donned the brand's black and white top and leggings in her "You (Ha Ha Ha)" video this month. After we saw Charli shout out MaKers LDN on Twitter soon after, we HAD to find out exactly what the brand is all about. Get the lowdown from Melody herself below!

MTV STYLE: Let’s start with the new Charli XCX video. How did that come about? What was your inspiration behind the looks?

MELODY MAKER: It's thanks to Alexis Knox, Charli’s stylist, she has been really supportive of my work and has done a lot of features on myself and MaKers LDN for Notion magazine. She contacted me asking if there was anything that would suit Charli for her new video, straight away I envisioned her wearing the leggings, crop and bomber combo... She’s got the perfect figure for it!

M.I.A. wears Makers LDN.

Photo: via MaKers LDN

You’ve also worked with did you originally link up with her?

M.I.A is from West London, we had a lot of mutual friends. Her creative director suggested I do a custom piece for a live show and it just went on from there. We sat down together and designed a further two collections for herself and the rest of the crew.

When you’re designing for someone like Charli or MIA, how does their personal style come into play?

I have always found there to be a great synergy between music and the visual arts and an artist’s personal style must always be taken into consideration when fusing these two mediums. The exciting thing about working with artists like M.I.A and Charli XCX is bringing their style into my design process to create something truly unique.

Which musician have you not worked with yet who you’re dying to dress?

I would really love to do a custom piece for Lana Del Rey; she has a classic style but just made it so individual and the same goes for her music. I would also love to style Andre 3000 in one of the MaKers LDN custom suits, with a serious printed lining... he has got some ultra swag.

Who is the Makers LDN girl? What’s her deal?

The MaKers girl, is the hardcore babez around town, constantly striving and thriving to reach their goals. All doing so in fresh trainers ;)

Who are your own musical style icons?

So many style icons have been zeitgeists of their era; absorbing the social, political and ideological events of a particular moment in time. They then channel them through their art into a poignant and contemporary relevant statement out to the world as they have experienced it. Neneh Cherry has got a really unique timeless style, effortlessly striking and inspirational. Die Antwoord is definitely something to be admired when it comes to style. Yo-Landi takes fashion to a next level, really no qualms or worry about pleasing; she just has a vision and ensures its portrayed to the maximum. Painting her whole body white, and black out lenses- brilliantly weird! Her work has consistently proven her to be an artist of continual ingenuity.

Do you listen to music while designing? Who’s on your playlist?

Always! Art and music go hand in hand; one evokes inspiration for the other. The music I produce for the visual lookbooks is totally inspired by the collection itself – and frequently that music further stimulates new ideas for a future collection!My most recent video is the visual lookbook for Powdered Dreams, me and my music partner Elvee, the other half of MaKers Tribe, made a song to represent the collection then I got the idea to the direct the story behind it. People I’m really into at the moment are Flostradamus, Mykki Blanco, Nguzunguzu, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Grimes.. I really like what they are doing in the music scene, there is a sense of doing what you want regardless of consequence or judgment... And I think it’s paid off for them, their style has truly managed to shape them and their music.

Check out MaKers LDN.

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