Taylor Swift Definitely Won't Dazzle In 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

We went straight to the source.

Rewind to earlier this summer, in July. Remember that mysterious photo of Taylor Swift and multiple main cast members of "X-Men: Apocalypse" basking and delighting in one another's awesomeness?

We were all tied up in human knots, with a big, big question: does this mean that TaySway is going to be repping as '80s-style, light-outta-sound creating mutant Dazzler? She looks good alongside Professor X (James McAvoy), Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) and Simon Kinberg, doesn't she? Is this happening? IS THIS REAL LIFE?

Months later, an answer: nah.

MTV News spoke with "X-Men" main man Simon Kinberg (writer, producer, mastermind: he holds a number of titles) at Toronto International Film Festival, where he is currently promoting his latest project, "The Martian."

"No, there’s nothing to it," he said of the rumor of Swift's big mutant debut. "I know where [the rumor] came from, because it’s my fault."

Oh? Tell us more.

Turns out, Kinberg is a huge Taylor Swift fan. (He calls 1989 "happy-making" and "the best pop album since Thriller.)

"It became for me, it was what I was listening to every morning to get sort of energized and I would listen to it on the set every day for 'Apocalypse'," he said. So when Swift's tour came to Montreal, where "Apocalypse" was shooting, it was a no-brainer for Kinberg, McAvoy, Turner, Nicholas Hoult and Rose Byrne to get tickets and dance themselves silly. Here's Hoult, caught breaking it down:


"So we went to the show, me and those people, and then she invited us to come back and meet her afterwards," Kinberg said. "It was just a photo backstage at the concert, and that was the only time we ever saw her. That’s where that particular rumor came from."

Womp womp.

That doesn't mean that Kinberg didn't like the sound of it, once those rumors started circulating.

"After I saw those things I was like oh, that’s kind of interesting, but no, we were actually just there for her concert."

So maybe there's hope for us yet? Just say maybe, Simon. We couldn't bear the thought that Taylor and X-Men are never, ever, ever getting back together.

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