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Taylor Swift Just Joined This Badass Superhero Squad

Just give her a cape already.

Taylor Swift is the closest thing we have to an IRL superhero. She donates her time and money to make people smile and in some cases, save actual lives. She fights for what's right, lives by a strong moral code -- she really doesn't like mean people -- and her hair always looks flawless no matter the weather conditions. (You have to have superpowers to pull that off.)

So what happened when our plucky superheroine met the "X-Men?" They obviously asked her to join their #SuperSquad -- and naturally, she fit right in.

"X-Men: Apocalypse" writer-producer Simon Kinberg tweeted a photo of himself with Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) and James McAvoy (Professor X) posing alongside the X-Men's newest recruit, T-Swizzle. "Haters gonna hate," he added. It seems like an appropriate motto for a pack of mutants.

The pic was most likely snapped backstage after Swift's concert last night (July 7) in Montreal. The cast and crew of the new "X-Men" flick are currently filming the totally outrageous '80s-set installment in Montreal for the summer.

The only mutant missing from this shot is Swift's gal pal Jennifer Lawrence, who's been hanging out in T-Swizzle's home turf, New York City, these days. It's OK, though. We're pretty sure the sheer star power of J.Law, Swift and Turner together would have made the sun implode. That's too much superhero beauty for one pic, TBH.