'American Horror Story' Fans Are So Clever, They Just Spotted Taissa Farmiga’s 'Roanoke' Character

‘AHS’ is going full-on ‘Blair Witch Project’ in next week’s episode

With only one episode left until American Horror Story: Roanoke's big finale, there are still plenty of unanswered questions. Who's the sole survivor of the Blood Moon? Why were there so many cameras in the Polk family's cabin? And where the hell is Taissa Farmiga?!

Last month, co-creator Ryan Murphy confirmed that Farmiga would be making her anticipated return to the anthology series in Roanoke. But we've yet to see the show's original ingénue appear — until now. In the promo for next week's episode, "Chapter 9," eagle-eyed fans spotted a willowy girl with long straight hair (holding a selfie stick!) in the Roanoke forest. The scene, which features three young people with cameras and equipment, appears to be a nod to The Blair Witch Project, the movie that singlehandedly invented the found-film genre.


AHS Roanoke

This screenshot isn't a confirmation, but it's not the first time American Horror Story has buried clues in blink-and-you'll-miss-it shots. Fans spotted Lady Gaga's Scáthach in the "Chapter 2" promo a full week before it aired, and more recently, fan-favorite Finn Wittrock made an appearance in "Chapter 7" and the entire internet missed it. Also, just look at Farmiga's hair — it totally fits with the hair in the screenshot!

Whether it ends up being Farmiga or not, one thing is certain: AHS is paying homage to The Blair Witch Project with these campers and their film equipment. It's possible that they're working on a student film about the Blood Moon, inspired by My Roanoke Nightmare. Or maybe they're just a group of campers with terrible timing. Either way, they are so, so dead. (Sorry, Taissa.)

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