This Artist You Probably Never Heard Of Is Making Some Of The Best Music Videos Right Now

Bellion's back.

Jon Bellion is still a relative unknown when it comes to pop music's heavy hitters, but the singer, songwriter, producer and sometimes rapper has been making quite a name for himself lately and creating some of the best music videos around.

Bellion's new project, The Definition, will drop on Tuesday, so to lead up, he released his video for "Luxury" on Monday (September 22).

The animated clip finds a cartoon version of "The Monster" writer waking up in a dark house, before he runs from the ghouls and goblins that are to represent the horrors that fame and fortune bring. "It's so plain to see, one can lose his way so won't you pray with me, that I don't lose my soul in luxury," he sings.

"Luxury" is the third video from the upcoming The Definition. Last week Bellion, released the beautifully-shot "Carry Your Throne," which incorporated a "Game of Thrones" type of a feel. Before that, he dropped the elegant "Simple and Sweet."

That's three different videos, with three different feels -- and all of them great.

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