Ariana Grande's 'Piano' Is Probably Her Poppiest, Most Appealing 'Yours Truly' Track Yet

Listen to Ariana Grande's "Piano."

Ariana Grande releases her catchiest pop song yet: "Piano."

I think it's time we had a serious chat about Ariana Grande. We always knew that the 20-year-old pop/retro R&B singer would take over the world eventually with such innocently breezy cuts like "The Way" and "Baby I," and we were shocked to see her give such an energetic, on-point, octave-crazy live performance at the 2013 MTV VMA pre-show, but HO-LEE CRAP we were NOT prepared to hear Ariana's latest track, "Piano." Like, please halt whatever you're doing and listen immediately.

Listen to Ariana Grande's "Piano" after the jump.

The latest track from her forthcoming Yours Truly disc (out Sept. 3), "Piano" has all the Ariana fundamentals: Mariah Carey-level vocal talent, a cheerful, summery tone, and classy (but NOT cheesy) pop hooks. But there's just so much more going on here.

"Piano" kicks off with a literal piano loop, but quickly dives in with danceable rhythmic handclaps electronic drum kicks. Not only is it the perfect kiss-off to summer love ("I could sing about how love is a losing battle"), but "Piano" is a stunning, sparkling platform for Ariana's ridiculous octave range and pop-radio sensibility. (And did we mention her total classy class? Ariana's the classiest. See: Her '50s-inspired floral dress + white heels at the VMAs.) "Piano" might be a bittersweet farewell to summer, but heck if we're not dancing our way into fall. Check it out below.

+ Listen to Ariana Grande's "Piano."

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