Check Out The First Images From Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett's H&M Holiday Campaign

Back in August, Lady Gaga announced that she and Tony Bennett would be starring in H&M's upcoming holiday campaign. While the info was very vague, we were very excited to see what the two pals had in store for us come the colder weather. Well, this morning the first few images from the campaign were released and they are, in the words of Mariah Carey, festive.

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The first image Gaga shared doesn't show off much of H&M's offerings, but, rather, Gaga's very curly hair. We get the gist, though—LG is cozy in an off-the-shoulder sweater and TB is dapper in a suit and bow-tie.

In the full-body shot shared by Gaga, we see that Tony is, in fact, in a suit—no surprises there, really—while Gaga is, um, missing her pants. Whether this sweater is intended to be a sweater-dress, Mother Monster has turned it into one. The pair stands, fittingly, cheek to cheek (or cheek to forehead, WHATEVER, I wanted to make the reference).

H&M shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot which gives you an idea of how big that wig actually is. How Lady Gaga's neck is even upright is unclear (mine would've snapped in two), but it seems likely it has to do with a helping hand from Tony. H&M also revealed that the campaign video will be out on November 25.

It's still unclear whether that french bulldog-print dress Gaga had on in the announcement video is part of H&M's collection, but our fingers are crossed. Tightly.

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