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Lady Gaga Hates Pants: Here Are 21 Photos That Prove It

She can't stand (in) 'em!

Lady Gaga likes a lot of things in this slowly dying world of ours: jazz, Tony Bennett, her puppy, applause -- the list goes on. One thing that she does not like, however, is pants. The lady hates the very concept of sheathing her legs in two tubes of fabric, you know?

We've compiled an extensive -- although far from comprehensive -- list of 21 times Gaga has been sans trousers of late. Bask in her pantsless glory below.

1.) Who needs pants when you have an awesome biker jacket?

2.) Just chilling with some kids -- sans trousers (but definitely not sans rad boots).

3.) Who needs pants when you're sporting this much metal? Not Gaga!

4.) Does this netted thing count as pants? We're going to say no.

5.) Rad tail! No pants, though.

6.) Gaga is basically 'cheek to cheek' with this piano...

7.) It's cool, Aphrodite didn't wear slacks, either.

8.) I mean, she came from the oceans and whatnot.

9.) Dance-off, pants off!

10.) 'Where did my pants go?'

11.) 'I shall distract them from my lack of trou with this glorious keyboard.'

12.) The ice bucket challenge is a lot chillier if you're not wearing pants.

13.) Long on top, short on the bottom, party all the time.

14.) This tee was not long enough, though, it seems.

15.) Pantslessness hits new levels of class.

16.) Pants clash with Bill Murray's tie.

17.) They also clash with this hat.

18.) And this thong.

19.) And eating pizza.

20.) And dressing your dog in a tutu.

21.) And... But wait... what's this?

Are those PANTS?!

Whew! False alarm! They're just boot things! Yes, even when she looks like she's wearing pants, Gaga is pantsless.

And we wouldn't have it any other way.