Logic Announces New Album 'Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind' By Drenching Himself In Blood

This isn't for the squeamish

In a surprise announcement on Twitter today (March 20), Logic unveiled that his new album will be coming soon. The release date wasn't specified, but it's called Confessions of a Dangerous Mind — the words unveiled in crimson ink in an admittedly sinister looking font. How these unveils came was... scary and maybe disturbing at the least. Logic bloodied himself up in a stomach-turning video unveiling that's darkly mystifying in its startling intensity.

The video in question is four minutes long. Logic captioned the video, "I wrote this one in Blood." He made his Twitter avatar a picture of his face in this human ketchup, smiling like a madman. Logic stands in complete darkness, rapping new material with an enormous gash on his neck. Over time, the intensity in his performance doesn't change while the amount of blood on his body does. His shirt grows redder, his neck grows slicker, his eyes grow wider. By the end of the performance, he's been doused in the blood like it's a marinade for a chicken wing. This is Logic's mind, dark and violent. And it looks like the stories housed in this chamber of torture are about to be unveiled.

Logic's last studio album was YSIV that came out in September. Earlier this week, he shared a collaboration with 21 musicians from Joseph Gordon-Levitt's HITRECORD creative platform, "Do What You Love."

Check out the creepy trailer up above.

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