Taylor Lautner Thinks Edward Has 'The Edge' In MTV's Twi-Fight

'I'm picturing like 95 percent female [voters] for some reason,' actor laughs to MTV News.

As someone who has been deeply involved in the world of "Twilight" for some time now, reading and writing about the most intricate details of both Stephenie Meyer's books and the hugely popular film franchise, I feel I have a keen enough understanding of the subject and its dedicated fanbase not to be surprised about any Twi-news these days -- at least I thought I did.

That is, until we started our Twi-Fight tournament and everything I thought I knew about fan-favorite characters was turned upside down. Not to mention the latest victories and defeats announced with the final four, wherein would-be fan (and cast) favorite Charlie Swan was sent packing.

No, I won't spend this week's "Twilight" Tuesday continuing to mourn the loss of Jacob Black. Instead, I'm turning over the mic to Jacob Black himself, Taylor Lautner, to hear his thoughts about who he thinks will eventually take the Twi-Fight crown in less than a week.

"The edge probably [goes to] Edward," Lautner said, who took the news of Jacob's elimination like a champ and emitted just one "aww" upon hearing that he was vanquished by Quil (one of several Twi-fight-related shockers). "I'm picturing your voters, I'm picturing like 95 percent female for some reason, so I'll give the edge there."

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Lautner's guess is a good one, both about our Twi-Fight voters and Edward's possible victory, although now that I've had my assumptions turned upside down, I can't say I'm confident making any prediction. I mean, Denali Kate in the Final Four? Over Aro and Emmett? What a crazy turn of events! What new surprise do you have cooking now, "Twilight" fans? Kate vs. Jasper in the final round?

Voting in the Final Four continues through Thursday, when the top two vote-getters will be revealed and the Championship Round will begin. The #1 "Twilight" character will be crowned Monday, November 12.

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