These Are The 'Pretty Little Mamas' Who Comprise The 'Teen Mom: Young Moms Club'

The mamas are coming to MTV on April 22

The Teen Mom family is about to make history: Young Moms Club, premiering on April 22, is the only Teen Mom show that will follow an existing group of friends who all live in the same place (California here we come!). The SoCal women are "growing up together" in San Diego and have quite the history -- and viewers will watch them lean on each other to make it through the ups and downs of being young moms. Here's some more context about the upcoming series:

"I'm just thankful that I have friends that are there to help me," a cast member states in the video below.

So who is a part of this club? Get to know the crowd via the brief biographies below, and do not miss the premiere of Teen Mom: Young Mom's Club.


Heather's dreams of being a "mommy mogul" in the health and beauty industry are on hold -- right now, she's about to give birth to her second child and is on ordered bed rest. With the possibility that she and her baby may not survive the delivery, she's trying to keep it together for her family -- and needs her pals' support more than ever.


Chandlar is back in the mommy group after her current boyfriend, Aaron, wedged himself between Chandlar and her friends a few years back. Pregnant with his child, the soon-to-be mom-of-two is confused about what to do now that his internal struggles have reached a breaking point. With the help of her friends, Chandlar needs to balance her relationship with Aaron while trying to salvage her co-parenting relationship with her ex, James.


Mom to Alaia, Nikki is trying to make it as a model while also trying to meet the expectations of her boyfriend Ryan. He wants her to stay at home and take care of their child, while she has dreams of showing her daughter you can be a mom and have a career. Despite living apart, Nikki is desperate to keep her family together. But when the relationship comes to a tipping point, she turns to her friends for support.


Nicole has been a single mom since her daughter Noelle was a newborn -- and when Nicole is done with mommy duty, her energy is directed toward her new boyfriend, Michael (who she thinks could be The One). Desperate to provide a family for Noelle, Nicole begins to miss the red flags that her friends see daily. Will her quest for true love blind her to the truth?


Alyssa is more than ready to get married to her fiancé Brandon, the father of her son Kayden. But when her mom’s cancer diagnosis gets worse and worse, they are at a standstill with how to move forward. Juggling nursing school, a young son, and her mom’s illness, Alyssa turns to her besties to keep her spirits high and guide her while trying to plan the wedding of her dreams in record time.


Cheyenne is on the brink when husband Teli isn’t able to provide financially for her and their two children. Without the funds to live on their own, Cheyenne has to convince her mom to trust her and Teli to rent her house despite prior difficulties paying rent on time or at all.

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