There’s Something Off With 'Riverdale' Star KJ Apa’s Instagram

Watch your back, Archie

Riverdale heartthrob KJ Apa, a.k.a. Archie Andrews, may have to deal with murder and shady maple syrup dealings on TV, but IRL, he's got a serial photobomber on his tail.

Apa's most recent 'grams from Paris feature a sketchy blond dude hovering in the background of his photos with fans. The New Zealand native shared mini-albums on Instagram, highlighting the creeper.

While this guy isn't actually stalking Apa — he's his friend, Nick Voroshine, known as "VeeDog" and "Snoz" on Instagram — he's definitely caught the attention of Riverdale fans. There are now a few "fan" accounts, though many people believe they're run by Apa, and they're pretty hilarious (if not super random). Naturally, Apa's mini-collection of Voroshine's photobombs get better and better.

Oh, you want a pic with hot Archie?

You'll get more than you bargained for, FYI.

But the result is totally worth it.

Like, for real.