DNCE’s Debut Album Is Finally Coming: See The Classy Cover Art

Get ready for more 'Cake by the Ocean'–esque craziness

Exactly one year ago today (September 14), the world was introduced to an idiom so ludicrous it was impossible not to love: “Cake By the Ocean.” That, of course, is the title of DNCE’s debut single, which launched the Joe Jonas–fronted band into pop-dominating territory.

To celebrate that one-year milestone, DNCE have now given fans the exciting announcement they’ve been waiting for: “We’re releasing a fucking album!” Jonas, Cole Whittle, JinJoo Lee, and Jack Lawless broke the news with a fun homemade video in which they introduce themselves as your “new favorite band.” No, that’s not just a pretentious claim — remember, these are your VMA Best New Artist winners.

The key takeaways? The album is self-titled and it’ll arrive November 18. We'll let Joe and Co. take it from here:

That vid offers a fleeting glimpse of the album's cover art, which is definitely worth a closer look. It's quite the ~classy~ portrait, eh?



DNCE follows the band’s four-track debut EP, SWAAY, which arrived last October and featured “Cake” as well as sophomore single “Toothbrush.” The funk-pop quartet have kept busy since then, performing in the Emmy-nominated Grease Live! and opening for Selena Gomez on her Revival Tour. We’re psyched to hear plenty more from these guys and girl very soon.

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