DNCE’s ‘Toothbrush’ Video Takes You Inside Joe Jonas’s Bedroom

See him get extra steamy with supermodel Ashley Graham

Following the beachside ruckus of their “Cake By the Ocean” video, DNCE are back with a decidedly more romantic clip that takes us behind Joe Jonas’s bedroom doors.

The frontman and supermodel Ashley Graham get extra cozy in the “Toothbrush” vid, as Jonas sings about a budding relationship and their morning-after-the-night-before antics. Shot mostly in soft light, we see the couple tangled up in the sheets and pillow-fighting, interspersed with shots of DNCE playing on a rooftop at sunset. Basically, it’ll give you major #SummerRelationshipGoals, and make you ship Joe and Ashley... hard.

“Toothbrush” is the second single from DNCE’s debut EP, SWAAY.