There Was A 'Cory In The House' Reunion Just In Time For Halloween

Jason Dolley and Jake Thomas met up at Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios's annual Halloween Horror Nights is a great way to bring current and former co-stars together and scare the bejesus out of them. Last month, three of the American Horror Story guys screamed their way through the maze on opening night, and this past weekend, two Cory in the House actors gave it a try.

Jason Dolley and Jake Thomas, who played Newt Livingston and Jason Stickler on Disney Channel's That's So Raven spin-off, got in the Halloween spirit on Friday (October 14) via a trip to the park. Dolley shared a pic of the duo with their game faces (or maybe not?) on, ready to battle the ghosts and ghouls.

As MTV News previously reported, Dolley and Thomas have continued working together since their Cory in the House days. Thomas is now an avid photographer and did photo series with both Dolley and Maiara Walsh, also a Cory in the House co-star. The guys also took their friendship to the Angry Birds movie premiere in May and made a new feathered friend named Casper — a name which is now appropriate given their latest escapade. Everything comes full circle.