Aubrey Plaza Wants To Do A 'Golden Girls'-Esque Sitcom With Anna Kendrick

Thank YOU for being friends.

Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick have been one of Hollywood's hippest BFF brigades ever since they joined quick wit forces on "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" five years ago. Now, thanks to the "Zac Efron train," as Plaza described it to ELLE Magazine, they teamed up on the big screen again for "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates" -- which Plaza alternatively titled "Alice and Tatiana Will F–k Up Your Wedding" because sweet, sweet sarcasm and such.

Just as we expected, the two had a complete blast on the film's Hawaiian set -- and not just because of all the rainbows, crystal blue waters and rampant Efron shirtlessness going down in the Aloha State -- so they're already scheming up the next sick Aubrey-Anna collaboration, this time for the small screen.

"Anna and I have had a dream about having our own 'Golden Girls' kinda sitcom when we're older," she told the mag of her and her bestie's long-term plans. "I just want to be still rocking it when I'm older, like I just want to be a cool older lady that's fun. I don't want to lose my sense of fun. I want to accomplish fun things." And while that kinda sounds like something we'd have to wait a long time for, we reallllly think this could be a now thing (read: please, oh please THIS).

Here's how it could totally work.

First of all, the right setting is easy peasy.

Anna Kendrick GIF

The "Golden Girls" were set up in a swanky Miami pad, but before they all shacked up in the Sunshine State they were brought up in very different places -- from the school of hard knocks in Sicily to the debutante balls of Georgia to whatever the hell was going on in St. Olaf, Minnesota. It made for great story-telling, and guess what? Anna's IRL home in Maine is basically the perf home base for her would-be character, because we could so picture Aubrey's counterpart being a product of French Canada, making her a poutine and maple syrup junkie who wants none of that lobster bisque her roomie is always rambling on about. Oh, and they'd totally live in a Palm Springs villa -- basically, the Miami of the west.

And the current/former/future career stuff? Easy.

Aubrey Plaza GIF

Anna could play a singer-songwriter who had a one-hit wonder and rides it out on residuals while she waits for the next big idea to hit her, opposite Plaza as, say, a celeb offspring who wants zilch to do with the limelight and instead spends her time doodling sarcastic cartoons for a Hollywood magazine. Imagine the Sophia Petrillo-ish anti coming out from that combo -- the sass would be serious with these girls.

There are plenty of options for guest stars.

Anna Kendrick Pitch Perfect GIF

Even if we just mined through the list of cool co-stars these girls have made pals with, we'd have a cavalcade of awesome options for AA drop-ins -- or maybe even fellow housemates. Can you imagine? Retta as their landlord-slash-roommate who keeps the girls in check (and reminds them to treat themselves) -- or maybe Rebel Wilson as their next-door neighbor who's got more where that horizontal running and mermaid dancing brilliance came from. YAS.

The possibilities are endless, and now that the chance of seeing these two rock the primetime together has been waggled in our faces like this, we NEED it.