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Zac Efron Went Shirtless, Slow-Mo, And Shark Diving In Hawaii

Hawaii, Zac Efron is in you.

Zac Efron is currently in Hawaii filming his latest bromantic comedy, "Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates," but his trip to The Aloha State is clearly not ALL business. Or maybe it is and he just has the best. job. ever. (Note: It's probably both.)

Zefron's been sharing some sick snaps from his many adventures in and around Oahu, where he's been filming and funning with co-stars Aubrey Plaza and Adam DeVine, and we are breaking a sweat just looking at them -- for several reasons.

'Cause first of all, he's been swimming with sharks, like, a lot.

Last week, he celebrated World Oceans Day by suiting up with fins and copping a feel on one of the ocean's toothiest. We're petrified even just looking at this right now.

And then he did it again, getting ever more familiar with the tiger shark.

This cannot be advisable, can it?

He also showed us video footage of him actually touching fin.


There was also this super slow motion river dive incident, which was pretty awesome.

Judging by his timely chest brace maneuver there, Zac is experienced in rope-jumping.

Finally, Zacky's also shown some skin and flexed his biceps.

This ... is always welcome.