Is 'Ghostbusters' Really Going 'All Male?' Here's What We Actually Know

We ain't afraid of no lady "Ghostbusters." We think.

On Monday night (March 9), more progressive corners of the Internet blew up when Deadline broke the news that an "all-male" "Ghostbusters" film would serve as a "counterpart" to the female-driven one directed by Paul Feig. Many were upset that this move was a service to what MTV News referred to as "sexist fanboys" that flipped over the female update, but let's pull back for a second and focus on what we actually know.

MTV News reached out to pretty much every party involved in Sony's "Ghostbusters" expansion, and here's what we found out:

Channing Tatum is 100 percent involved.


Tatum's reps confirmed to MTV News that, just as Deadline said, Tatum and his partners Reid Carolin and Peter Kiernan will produce the first "action-centric" under Sony's new, broadening "Ghostbusters" franchise. It's (probably correctly) assumed that he will star, but Tatum's rep would not comment on that, nor the rumor (from Badass Digest) that Chris Pratt is involved as well, due to his real-life friendship with Tatum.

The all-female "Ghostbusters" is still happening.


Don't worry, folks -- Feig's Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones-starrer will still go on as planned. In fact, it's already in pre-production, with shooting scheduled to begin this June. This will serve as a counterpart to the Tatum-produced film, but Feig's reps did not answer MTV News' request for comment on how. (To be fair, they might not know yet.)

The guys behind "Captain America: The Winter Solider" will likely direct.


Joe and Anthony Russo, who recently helmed "Cap 2" together, will reportedly spearhead the first project in the expanded "Ghostbusters" franchise. MTV News reached out to the Russos' representation, who did not deny their directorial involvement -- but would not confirm, either.

The original director is involved... kind of.


Original "Ghostbusters" director Ivan Reitman is involved, but only in a branding sense. A new production company called Ghostcorps has been founded with Reitman and OG 'Buster Dan Ackroyd acting as principals. However, they're not involved in the filmmaking process as of now -- per Deadline, they're there to "scare up branding opportunities based on the 1984 comedy classic."

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