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Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles, And Lorde Sang For Fleetwood Mac And Had No Chill About It


Picture this: You're about to go to karaoke with your friends, except this time, instead of singing along with a backing track, you're singing along with a live band. And the band who wrote the song you're singing — one of your favorites, even! — is just casually hanging out a few feet away, listening to your take on their tune. And then, your buddy gets up for their turn at the mic, and the band gets up and sings along with him.

Take that and multiply it by a billion and that's basically what went down last night when Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles, Lorde, and more gathered to celebrate Fleetwood Mac at Radio City Music Hall.

MusiCares dubbed Fleetwood Mac their Person(s) of the Year and threw a star-studded tribute concert to celebrate last night (January 26), with the guests of honor taking the stage themselves at one point and inviting Styles along for the ride.

Styles is a Fleetwood Mac super fan: Stevie Nicks joined him to sing "Landslide" at one of his album release shows last spring, and he's since worked a cover of their 1977 single "The Chain" into his own set list. This was his contribution to the Radio City shindig after he gave the rockers a brief introduction, and that left "Landslide" for Cyrus to soar through.

Lorde's version of "Silver Springs" was nothing short of goosebump-inducing, so, yeah: File this whole show under Most Epic Musical Homage In Recent History.