How Nev And Kamie Describe The First-Ever Virtual Catfish Season

The detectives get back to work (from home) tomorrow

When Catfish returns tomorrow, the long-running MTV series is going to look different because the entire season has been shot at home -- our fearless leaders Nev and Kamie, the love hopeful, the catfish and everyone contributing to help solve the case. But the virtual-only mission remains the same: helping love hopefuls determine if their online crushes are real or fake. So how do the detectives describe the look and feel of the upcoming televised tales?

"It's more relatable than any before because we're all going through the exact same experience right now," Nev revealed to MTV News. "We're all at home, we're all on our computers or phones. We're all desperately looking for people to hang out with or talk to or even Facetime or Zoom. And I think we can all now better understand what it feels like to be isolated and that longing for some sort of human interaction."

Kamie's choice of words: "One of a kind. It’s amazing how we’ve adapted from our regular seasons to a virtual season and not miss a beat."

Do not miss Nev and Kamie as they crack brand-new Catfish mysteries tomorrow at 8/7c! And check out a sneak peek from the premiere below.