Young And Pregnant Reconciliation: Will Brianna And Mylo Get Back Together?

'Time will tell'

Brianna had not seen her ex Mylo (formerly Danae) in quite some time -- but during tonight's Young and Pregnant season finale, the teen mom reunited with her former boyfriend to "tie up loose ends."

Before his visit to Oregon, Brianna explained that Mylo had apologized "for a lot of things that had happened" between the pair. While conversation initially was a bit safe and a tad awkward -- they marveled at Braeson's growth and talked about how Mylo wanted to make amends with Bri's mom Jessica -- Mylo later confessed how he felt like he had "lost his family."

"I'm just glad we are here now," Brianna stated while the two were at Mylo's rental house (with Braeson in tow). "Do you think we're on the same page of taking it slow and seeing where things go? So it's not like we jump into a new relationship and then start fighting again and you're gone."

Mylo agreed. "We're just talking as friends and stuff," he told Brianna. "We're probably just going to be friends."

But then he alluded to the possibility of something more with the statements, "Time will tell" and "We'll see -- you never know."

"You are so confusing!" Brianna stressed.

So what does that mean, exactly? The two are "talking," but as they explained to Bri's mom Jessica and sister Vanessa, it's "not serious." And Jess was right on point when she expressed, "I don't know what's really happening."

What do you think is happening between Brianna and Mylo? There is a past -- featuring special highs and heartbreaking lows. Both have admitted that they don't know how to define their relationship, and the phrase "seeing where things will go" was uttered multiple times, which only complicated matters. Maybe Mylo said it best with those three simple words: "Time will tell."

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