Did Danae Blindside Brianna On Young And Pregnant?

The 'Teen Mom' dad announced he wants to stay in Chicago -- and that's just for starters

If a couple is going to make things work, a lot of important things need to be agreed upon... like where they’re going to live long-term, for starters. Unfortunately, Brianna and Danae aren’t on the same page when it comes to a lot of things where they want to raise Braeson, and it all came to a head during tonight’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant installment.

What happened? The couple and Baby B returned to Chicago to temporarily live with Danae’s mom Robin while they figured out their next move. While there, Danae revealed some news to both his mother and his girlfriend -- he’s starting to take testosterone and officially begin his transition.

While both women were surprised by this development, Brianna was especially upset that Danae was making such big decisions -- and permanent plans -- without telling her.

“I just feel like we’re both on two different pages right now,” the Milwaukee native told the cameras.

The new mom also learned that Danae had set up a job interview in Chicago, an indication he wants to stay in his hometown for more than just the five or six weeks they agreed upon.

“I don’t want to be in Chicago, because we don’t have the greatest memories here," Brianna said. "Braeson’s biological father is in Chicago.”

But when she addressed her concerns with her beau, he got defensive and upset.

“I spent two years with your family [in Wisconsin], and you can’t even do the same for me?” Danae yelled. "You’re f****ing pathetic."

Then, once Bri accused her on-again beau of “dragging” her and the baby to the Windy City without revealing his true intentions, things really got tense.

“I did not drag you over,” Danae screamed. “You can go -- you can leave! Nobody’s stopping you!”

He concluded, “I truly mean this: I want you gone. I do not want to be with you anymore. I do not love you, and I do not care about you. I hope you know that, and I want you out of here at, like, 4 o’clock. Please and thank you.”

Was Brianna justified in feeling blindsided by Danae's intention to stay in Chicago? And should he have also discussed his transition with her? Meanwhile, was Danae’s aggressive outburst too much, or was he right to feel the way he did? Sound off below, and keep watching new episodes of Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.