YouTube/Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry And Kenny Beats Have Unlocked Our Minds With Film Soundtrack

They dropped the wild movie of the same name yesterday

Denzel Curry and producer Kenny Beats beefed online for a hot second on February 6, but it proved to be a feint; afterward, they released a short film (well, 24 minutes is technically short, right?), Unlocked, that contained a bunch of fresh collaborations between the two. They've also dropped an album of the same name with all of the movie's tunes.

Unlocked (the soundtrack) has eight tracks that range from angry, futuristic screaming bars to mid-'90s, boom-bap, DMX-like snarling that Curry's clearing having a good time doing. Each cut matches up perfectly with the movie that finds the two panicking over who leaked their supposed-to-be surprise collaboration. Over the course of the film, the pair tracks down files in different worlds that each feature distinct, and often creepy, animation styles.

"Cosmic" is the album closer that also happens to be the film's final tune that plays when Curry and Beats get their asses kicked by animated versions of themselves who then go on to replace them in the real world. It's a wicked ending that plays into the originality and scope of the movie overall.

But what if the story is true? What if, as we speak, fake Curry and Beats are getting used to living in three dimensions while the real rapper and producer are in an animated afterlife? Mind-blowing stuff to think about.

Curry dropped his fourth studio album, Zuu, in 2019. Hearing him back in the fold is exciting, especially with Beats, who's no stranger to full-length project collaborations with artists. Last year alone, Beats linked up with Rico Nasty for the entirety of Anger Management and also worked with 03 Greedo for Netflix and Deal.

While contemplating if Curry and Beats are really themselves anymore, check out Unlocked up above.