Lauv And LANY Slide Across Sand In A World Without Smartphones In 'Mean It'

Google Maps must not exist in their dreamy-pop universe

It's time for a winter road trip! Lauv and LANY hit the trail together in the mesmerizing new video for "Mean It" that has a thing for vast, open plains and explosions of color.

While Santa's preparing to drop presents down chimney shoots from the back of his sleigh, these two singers are dropping vibes along an empty road and using a paper map in the age of the smartphone. Old school.

Lauv is cruising on the road when the video starts off and he's having a good enough time enjoying the vast American landscape of rolling hills and glaring sun. He soon realizes that he's lost, so he opens up his trunk to search for his map. After it blows out of the car and onto the road, he picks it up to figure out exactly where he's at.

We never quite find out where he's at, though; all we know is that he's relaxing on this vehicular trek. At some point in time, it's revealed that LANY's Paul Jason Klein is also with him and the two are busy making their fans go giddy with excitement instead of figuring out exactly where they need to go. The camera has a good time showing their funky moves; Lauv waves his shoulders while he drives and Klein shakes what his mother gave him while he stands on rocks.

The coolest scenes, though, are when they slowly slide over a ground decorated with sand and fresh splashes of paint. It's like they're moving in slow-mo and it's a mesmerizing effect that gives it a mystical feel, anchored by the already dreamy atmosphere of the song. Wherever they're at looks like the perfect place to spend Christmas.

Lauv and LANY dropped "Mean It" in November, with a prequel visual that showed the process of them packing for this road trip.  The song is set to appear on Lauv's forthcoming debut album, ~how i'm feeling~.

Take a look at Lauv and LANY's relaxing trip across the countryside up above.