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Phoebe Almost Didn’t End Up With Paul Rudd On Friends

The writers 'didn't definitively know' who she'd end up with

Like the rest of her BFFS, Friends' Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) got her own happily ever after when the show ended in 2004.

The offbeat free spirit ended up with musician Mike (Paul Rudd) at the series' conclusion, and the pair had a beautiful wedding – a whole episode dedicated to it, in fact. But according to Friends co-creator David Crane, her love story could have had a much different ending.

Speaking to the UK publication RadioTimes, Crane revealed that there was "definitely a possibility" that Phoebe could very well have ended up with her ex-boyfriend David (Hank Azaria) instead of Mike. You may remember David from the series' earlier episodes – they seemed like the perfect couple at first, but things didn't end up working out between them. They had their share of steamy moments, though.

Crane confirmed that the team "didn't definitively know" who she'd end up with, though, and ended up having to make a tough decision: Mike or David? Which one was right for Phoebe?

"They’re both amazing actors. I mean, both Paul and Hank are fantastic, and fantastic with her. We sort of went back and forth," Crane said. "I don’t even remember all the pieces that led to where we landed. But yeah, it could have gone the other way. Phoebe would have been great with either one."

And the rest, as they say, is history. Phoebe ended up with Mike, and the pair have been presumably enjoying the married life ever since. Perhaps if there's any sort of reunion special actually in the works (which Jennifer Aniston loves to tease), we'll get a window into how the couple are doing now that the series has been over for nearly 20 years. Our hope is that all the couples are still together and/or happily married. It's what they deserve, after all.