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The One Where Google Turns Itself Into An Interactive Friends Experience

If you want a smelly cat to walk all over your search results, Google has you covered

The 25th anniversary of Friends is upon us, and if the Central Perk pop-ups, the traveling couches, and the overwhelming number of Internet articles about the sitcom are any indication, fans of the show are really excited. Turns out, they're not alone. Google (yes, the search engine) is now getting in on the anniversary fun by hiding a bunch of surprises within their Friends-related search results. And if you can stop whatever you're doing and "pivot" for a sec, we'll gladly fill you in.

For those of you who don't spend your days googling your favorite characters (because you already know everything about them, of course), you're in for a treat. Now, whenever you search for any of the main characters, Google displays an icon that's meant to represent them. For Phoebe, it's a guitar. For Ross, it's a couch. And for Rachel, well, it's her iconic haircut. See?


But wait, there's more. Each of those little icons are, in fact, clickable, making this so much more fun than anyone could've ever anticipated. When you click on Monica's bucket of soapy water, a sponge scrubs over her name. When you click on Ross's couch, the entire screen — for lack of a better word — pivots. And when you click on Phoebe's guitar, a smelly cat will literally walk all over your search results. And just a heads-up, headphones might be a good option before you click because, yes, there is audio.

We know what you're thinking: What does one do once they've searched every character and clicked all available icons? Don't worry, the fun's not over. To continue the celebration, search "Friends Glossary." When you do, you'll have the extreme pleasure of clicking through some of the funniest and most iconic terms the show's ever given us, from "moo point" and "unagi" to "meat sweats" and "phalange." You can thank us later.